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leecaces asked:

Hi! Your designs are awesome! Where did you print them? I like the quality! :D


Hello, thanks! Are you referring to the tote bag? I bought a plain off-white canvas bag from Divi, had my poster design printed on it from a cheap-ass print shop somewhere in Cubao then dyed the entirety of with light black just so that I can get the grainy texture I want. Hope that helps.

We totes love our thesis posters so much, we decided to print em on our tote bags.

I am losing my train of thought again.

Only less than a month to go and I’m really getting nervous, stressed and excited. Also, I should probably hire a secretary cause I have zero documenting/folder-ing skills. #thesis

Taking a break away from my thesis by making more mandalas #extrasipag #mandala #illustration

Happy V-day to all y’all lovers! Here’s a part of a diptych illustration Ive been working for a while

#NSFW Painting kimonos after. #wip #illustration

I put some new white shoes on, and suddenly everything is right.

Happy Birthday to my beloved father! Keep pushing them daisies, pops!


Anonymous asked:

I don't know how to make this sound like I'm not too much of a creeper but I just finished browsing your blog from your Phoenix in Manila up to your Dear Tumblr, please be good to me this 2011. I gave up my afternoon nap for this. LOL. But srsly, your art is amazing! Sorry if this give you the creeps. :(


Nope, not creepy at all. Thanks for giving up your afternoon nap for me, I hope it was worth it hehe.

Is it me or is life is getting more boring as I get older? #birthday #lolovibes

Baby chillies are finally poppin’! #plantinglife #organic

Just being poetic with my newly installed white shelf.

Found the perfect leather bomber jacket/perfect birthday gift. #hinthintnudgenudge


Anonymous asked:

how are you? hows life? what are you doing these days?


Just excited to put my plans (both short and long term) into action.