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A triptych from the other night.

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Nobody Knows 誰も知らない

Happy people don’t complain about their job.

Letters and Geometry by design.

R.I.P. Massimo Vignelli


Anonymous asked:

Hi, Shin! Are you graduating already? Because I saw your finals painting for maprod (A+ work btw!) or will you be having your exhibit soon? Thank you for answering, I'm a big fan!


Hey thanks for appreciating! I still got two terms left for internship and another term for my folio class. My friends and I will be exhibiting next year as well, so you should look forward to that :)

Decluttered my desk, now what?

I just updated my Behance account (mainly for internship purposes) and from there you can view my latest project, Sacred Space. Do check it out! :)

skimming/scheming (at Scarsdale Artisanal Delights)

Fresh till the day I dye

My friends and I will be displaying and selling some of our framed art works tomorrow at Oxygen Presents Status Yard Sale happening at Whitespace, Makati! Make sure to drop by!

There’s something therapeutic bout painting koi fish swimming in circle.

All summer drinking water, trynna keep your eyes dry.

Su-su-summer Class Sadness